Lilac English bull dog is one of the most unique breed of dog in the world. These adorable looking cute dogs are the real show stoppers

Now a day’s many people are opening their doors for these cute adorable English bulldogs to be a part of their families…When it comes to dog lilac French bulldogs are not the one you see on every common they are very rare , now what comes to one’s mind is that what lilac looks like? A French Bulldog breed with a distinctive lilac colour tone on its fur is known as an Isabella Frenchie, also known as a Lilac French Bulldog. 

Some dog parents even refer to the lilac hue as blue, while others view it as a light grey. It is rare compared to other, more common fur colors for Frenchie’s because the distinctive fur and coat color is the result of a recessive gene.

HISTORY OF ENGLISH BULL DOGS (ORIGIN OF THE BREEDS) Not many breeds like the English bulldog have such a peculiar, origin. This dog breed came into origin in the 13th century, during the reign of King John. Breeders cross-bred the English miniature bulldog with the pug and terrier breeds, resulting in the French bulldog.

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A dog with a red base and a silvery sheen to its coat is called a blue sable. Typically, they have hazel or blue/geen eyes. On their face, breast, and legs, they have very light tri markings. It is a more affordable option to get a blue with lovely eyes without paying a big price. Prices typically begin around $4500 to $5000.


An extremely sought-after hue is blue tri! They have silver coats with tan tips, like a doberman on the legs, chest, and eyes. Their eyes are typically blue or green. Prices range from $5,500 to $6,500.


One of the most difficult hues to manufacture is lilac tri. They truly steal the show! They have a base coat colour of chocolate with a blue gene that changes it to champagne. Their eyes are the rarest and brightest colour. Aqua blue with occasional flashes of icy blue or blazing green. They also have the tan spots on their chest, face, and legs. Prices range from $7000 to $9000.


One of my favorite sable breeds is the lilac one. More than others, some are darker. With their brilliant turquoise blue eyes, they have a lovely champagne colour. Eyes can occasionally turn ice green or blue. It allows you to have a completely distinctive hue without spending money on a lilac tri. Prices range from $5000 to $6000.


The hue "chocolate tri" is likewise very well-liked and in high demand. Their dark brown coats contain tan spots on the legs, face, and eyes, and they have brown noses. Usually green, but occasionally hazel, they have eyes. Prices range from $6500 to $7500.


This is seen as a common hue with some depth to it. The triangular marks are hardly visible. More than others, some are darker. Typically, brown eyes are seen. Prices range from $2800 to $3,500.


This is the most recent bulldog colour. They have one or more completely icy blue eyes and resemble Australians. They are available in three colours: blue, black, and chocolate. More than others, some are darker. The top coat is darker and the undercoat is blue. Usually, they have spots. Prices range from $8,500 to $12,000


This colour is extremely nice. It's unquestionably a little different. They have tan spots on their face, breast, and legs and are a deep black colour. Brown eyes are the colour. The tan tips can occasionally have brindle. Costs begin around $4000-$5000.


These puppies are brindled, however the colour of the brindling is either blue or chocolate (silver). They typically also have the distinctive eyes. Pricing typically begins around $3500 to $4000.